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IT G Company d. o. o. from Belgrade is into manufacturing of fruits and vegetables, where manufacturing and packaging of olives is a major part of the production.

ITG Company started working in 1992, and in its history the work mainly involved the import of food (olives, fish, paprika, dry figs, dried tomatoes…) from Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Austria, Sweden and Norway. However, the export to these countries is not one to be neglected.

Since 1994, the company started importing olives from Greece but in 2002 the situation on the market changes so that the earlier way of selling (the whole contingent) was no longer acceptable because the need for the imported goods to be manufactured and packaged emerged. This was done in order for the goods to be able to find the way to the consumer more easily. At the beginning, we had a couple of packages and types of olives, but nowadays we have 14 types of packages and, all together, more than 87 items. Besides these, we package 25 items for the Olicom Global Company.

Due to the constant wish for perfection, more sophisticated taste and the desire of the consumer, as well as the pressure from the competition, we have always gone out on the market with newly designed ways of packaging and perfected products. However, the thing that has contributed to the constant perfection the most is the visionary leadership of the company. We were the first ones who have come up with the original recipe for the "Mediterranean salad", the first ones who started using vacuum packaging and started using the already known doypack packaging on our products. We have become the manufacturers who started setting new standards and whose ideas were being used and applied.

Out first production operation had 300 m2 and it was poorly equipped with only a few workers. However, with a lot of effort and the desire to achieve better working conditions, we have gradually come to the situation where we can boast of a modernly equipped production operation of 2500 m2, with a large number of employees and seasonal workers, who are hired when needed.

Apart from the better working conditions, thanks to the long-year working with one type of product we have earned the experience and knowledge of the technology of the manufacturing process, which enables us to produce high-quality final product. Beside the gained experience, constant consultations with top technologists from Greece and Serbia do not allow us to provide a lower quality for the consumers than the one that we have made them accustomed to. This is confirmed by the Great cup of champions, four big gold medals, eleven small gold medals and one silver medal, which was won in 2004 at the Novi Sad agriculture fair.

I.T.G. company d. o. o. works with all the marketable chains in the country, like Delta Maxi system, IDEA, Metro, Rodic, Merkator, Super Vero, Interex, Tus, Dis and many more…

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