itg vajat
Green olive
Green olive without the stone
Green olive ring
Green olive with almond
Green olive with pepper
Green olive with cheese
Green olive with chily pepper
Extra green olive
Black olive
Black olive without the stone
Extra black olive
Extra black olive without the stone
Mediterranean salad
Olive mix

It is widely considered that one of the olive is one of the oldest food used in human nutrition. They are an important source of monounsaturated fat acids and an excellent source of vitamin E. 75% of the fats is oleic acid, which reduces the cholesterol levels.

World's recognized experts agree that the olive is a symbol of the Mediterranean diet and a synonym for healthy food.

With the desire to enrich your table with this healthy food, we have specialized in manufacturing and distribution of first class olives.

The olives, which are carefully chosen and reflect the authentic taste and aroma, come from Greece, the country well known for its olive yards.
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