itg vajat
Green and black olive with paprika
Peppers with cheese
Paprika with cheese
Mushrooms with cheese
Paprika and mushrooms mix
Super mix in olive oil with almonds
Mediterranean mix

There is no dilemma with modern-day gastronomy on the matter how to make the technology a part of the process of production of healthy food. It is important to know that the industrial production of food provides vast options for the humanity to feed better. The specter of provisions and products that provides us with a lot of pleasure when preparing food is a wide one.

Antipasti (appetizers) stand for the best possible introduction to the everyday ritual of dining.

The right combination is essential when preparing the antipasti, so that both the eyes and the palate can stodge right away. The appetizer can consist of some fifteen tempting small bites whose ingredients vary and in order for everything to look nicely, lots of different colored kinds of vegetables are used.

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